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After a delightful day of Wilco yesterday, I’m continuing with the Wilco today.  As I said, yesterday I did Sky Blue Sky and then, I headed into Disc 2 of Kicking Television: Live in Chicago. After two listens, I tracked down Disc 1 and that’s what’s playing right now. Here’s my thoughts on Wilco: they’re […]



Listening to Sky Blue Sky by Wilco.  I like this more than any other Wilco I’ve listened to before, although to be honest I haven’t listened to a ton.  I’m going to listen to more this afternoon…I’ll let you know what happens,.

Good Morning!


It was a My Morning Jacket weekend, in particular their live album Okonokos.  Take a listen to the drum beats on several of the songs…not your normal rock beats…it’s cool.

Still listening to Adam’s iPod. Decided to give Band of Horses another listen, and then came across the Beastie Boys’ The Mix-Up (Get it? Beastie Boys are after Band of Horses). Hmmm…what’s this album? I’ve never heard of it before…let’s see…Google Google Google…oh, it’s the Beastie’s instrumental album from 2007. I’m a dork: I saw […]

Soooo, earlier this week I was in Amy’s mini-van getting a ride home from sushi when I saw a Band of Horses CD slipped into the map pocket. “Jeez, everybody has this album, I really gotta listen to it”. This was about the gazillionth time I’d had this thought. Obviously, I’d heard them before…how could […]

Becca texted me this morning at 8am to say that LeRoi Moore of the Dave Matthews Band has died. While the Dave Matthews Band is enormously popular and mainstream now, you have to keep in mind that way back when their sound was completely new and fresh. Nobody had ever heard sound like this, and […]

My friend Mark just pointed me toward First Communion Afterparty. Kinda grungy, but an indie-sound kinda poppy grunge. They have one track featured here: then I listened to more over on MySpace. Apparently this is their fourth album…I think I hear a little Grateful Dead in there too.